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Semi-permanent Pigments

Looking to transform or enhance your hair color? Or maybe you just want to neutralize unwanted tones? Our Fantasy shades, Classic shades, and Neutralizers can help in all of these scenarios and can be added to your Conditioner or Masque now or later.

Fantasy pigments are non-traditional hair colors, such as purple, pink, or blue. 

Classic pigments are richer than traditional hair colors and can help enhance any hair color.

Neutralizing pigments help to offset unwanted brassy or warm tones in any hair color.

No, our products do not contain Bleach or Ammonia so they do not lift or lighten. While our Conditioner and Masque have the option to add a pigment, the color is semi-permanent and designed to fade over time.

Yes. We offer Soft, Vibrant, and Bold intensities in our Pigmented Masques so that you can achieve the best color results for your lifestyle and current hair color.


Soft: Light finish, best results on pre-lightened and light hair colors. Not recommended for brunettes.

Vibrant: Medium finish, most vibrant on pre-lightened hair and light to medium hair colors.

Bold: Richest color result, most visible on pre-lightened hair and light to medium hair colors, subtle color results on dark hair colors.

We offer three Neutralizers designed for different hair colors, all listed below. You can add a Neutralizer to your products by taking our Quiz

Neutralizer for Blonde, Gray, White

Enriched with purple pigment to neutralize brassy tones, this formula offsets warm tones in blonde, gray, white, and highlighted hair for an overall cool tone. This can also be used to tone highlights.

Neutralizer for Brunettes

Infused with a blue pigment to neutralize brassy tones in light to medium brunette hair for an overall cool tone. We don’t recommend this shade for highlighted hair.

Neutralizer for Dark Brown to Black

Crafted with green pigment to neutralize warm red and orange tones in brunette to black hair for an overall cool tone. We don’t recommend this shade for highlighted hair.

Our semi-permanent pigments are designed to fade over time, while permanent hair dye will permanently dye your hair and will not fade. 

Yes, our pigmented products will work for you if you’ve had Keratin or any other chemical treatments, however, your results depend on the condition of your hair. Just let us know which treatments you’ve used when you take our Quiz and we’ll take it from there.

While our pigments may enhance the color of your extensions, the color result may differ slightly depending on pre-treatments applied to extensions.

Yes, you can use our pigmented products if you have permed hair, however, your results depend on the condition of your hair. Perms tend to be harsher and cause the hair to become more porous, meaning your hair could absorb more pigment resulting in some staining. Connect with our Specialists here if you have other perm-related questions.

Yes, our pigmented products are safe to use during pregnancy; if you are pregnant, however, we do recommend you consult with your doctor before use.

This depends on a couple of things, like how often you wash your hair and the condition of your hair. For a richer color result, we recommend our pigmented Masques. If you’d like to maintain your hair color over time, try our pigmented Conditioners.

Yes, our pigmented Conditioners and Masques each come with one set of complimentary gloves to help prevent any potential stains on your hands.

Yes, they are. We’ve ensured all ingredients we use to create our pigmented products meet our strict ingredient standards. We’re also certified Leaping Bunny.

We want you to have the freedom to explore, however, we’re unable to offer multiple pigments in your first order. If you’d like to change your pigment in each product on your next order, you can absolutely do that. For pigment recommendations, reach out to our Specialists here.

We’re sorry your pigment isn’t washing out as quickly as you’d like. To help, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo or doing an extra cleanse to remove excess pigment. All of our pigments are semi-permanent and will wash out over time, how long they last may depend on the condition of your hair.

Our pigments are semi-permanent so you shouldn’t see any permanent staining. Any light stains should easily wash out of fabrics and wipe away from surfaces with a household cleanser. 

We provide the gloves for your pigmented products, but ultimately, you decide whether or not to wear them. Because our pigments are semi-permanent, you shouldn’t see any long-lasting stains. 

To prevent staining tile, bathtubs, countertops and floors, we recommend you quickly wipe up any splashes of pigment. Our pigments are semi-permanent so they’re less likely to stain due to their temporary nature.

We recommend that you wipe away any stains quickly after they’re made, however, if you do see staining a household cleanser should do the trick. If a stain doesn’t come up right away, it should over time, as all of our pigments are semi-permanent.

You may see some temporary staining on your skin as you apply your pigmented products, but a quick treatment with soap and water should help. If you see any lingering stains, lightly rub them away with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. To prevent skin stains, you can apply petroleum jelly to your hairline or scalp before applying your pigmented products.

Our pigments are temporary and made to wash out over time, so you shouldn’t see stains. However, after a fresh application we recommend that you dry your hair thoroughly with a dark towel to avoid color transfer; we also recommend you sleep in dark clothing and on dark sheets to avoid stains. 

The water may not always run clear depending on the intensity of the pigment or amount applied. 

This is completely up to you. Some customers prefer to just rinse their Masque out, and then dry and style their hair as they usually would. Others prefer to do a light shampoo at the roots after rinsing out their Masque. Try out both approaches and see which works best for your hair and routine.

Our pigmented products are not designed to cover gray hair. If you typically cover your grays with Demi or Permanent hair color, AURA’s pigmented products can be used to enhance your current shade or give it an extra boost of color, but they won’t replace the color you use to cover grays. 

Our pigmented products are not intended to cover gray hair. That being said, if you have fully gray hair and do not want to cover them, you have a few options with AURA:


Neutralizer for Blonde, Gray, and White Hair: Add this neutralizer to your personalized Masque or Conditioner to help neutralize brassy tones in your gray, creating an overall cooler tone in your hair.

Fantasy Pigment - Arctic Gray: Available in Soft, Vibrant, and Bold intensities, this pigment will give your gray a rich, bold, and even color. We recommend adding this to your personalized Masque to achieve an even overall color result, and maintaining that color by adding Arctic Gray to your personalized Conditioner. 

If you ordered pigment in your Conditioner and Masque, we recommend starting with your Masque on clean dry or towel-dried hair. Our Pigmented Masques have a higher pigment load than our Pigmented Conditioners, so they will set the stage for your pigmented look.

After using your Masque, you can do a light Shampoo at your roots if you’d like, but there’s no need to fully Shampoo your hair or use a Conditioner immediately after.

The next time you wash your hair, Shampoo and use your Pigmented Conditioner as you normally would. The Pigmented Conditioner will help maintain your pigmented color by depositing color onto your strands each time you wash your hair.

Eventually, likely after 2 weeks or so, you may want to use your Masque again to boost your pigmented color again. Use it as you’d like depending on how rich you’d like your pigmented color. 

Yes, technically, all of our pigments are semi-permanent. They are designed to fade out of your hair each time you wash it; however, in some instances depending on the porosity or condition of your hair, the color may absorb in a more permanent way. In these instances, you may notice the color fade, but it may still leave your hair with a slight hue to it.

No two heads of hair will be impacted the same way by semi-permanent pigment, so results of wash-out will vary depending on the health of your hair. 

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