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Personalized Conditioner

Overall Rating 3.7 | 87 Ratings

Overall Rating 3.7 | 87 Ratings

Designed to target your individual hair needs, AURA personalized Conditioners help you transform your hair into the hair you want. You can enhance your curls, smooth strands, add a semi-permanent pigment, or do all three in one, thanks to our patented personalization technology and results-driven ingredients.

Designed to target your individual hair needs, AURA personalized Conditioners help you transform your hair into the hair you want.

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  • Vegan formulas

  • Paraben-, SLS-, and SLES-free

  • Packaging made with recycled materials

  • Cruelty-free products and practice

Your Conditioner's elements

We use your Quiz answers to create a formula designed to meet your hair’s needs. Every Conditioner includes up to three key elements:

  • Customer center to view personalized shampoo, conditioner, or mask

    Your Center

    A formula base created with a unique ingredient profile for your hair’s needs

  • Aura allows you to select your custom pigment

    Your Pigment

    An optional, semi-permanent hair color or Neutralizer

  • Aura allows you to select your personalized aroma

    Your Aroma

    An optional scent to inspire your day or recreate a memory

Woman with blonde hair color
Woman with beautiful curly hair
Woman with purple hair color

Where care and color unite

Maintain any hair color with our semi-permanent, Pigmented Conditioners that are personalized for your hair.

  • Color Enhancing Pigments

    Explore Fantasy shades or select a Classic shade to refresh and enhance any hair color. Learn more.

  • Neutralizing Pigments

    Offset unwanted warm or brassy tones in your hair color with one of our three Neutralizers. Learn more.

Interested in a color transformation or richer color change instead of maintenance? Check out our Pigmented Masques.

Our transformative Conditioner ingredients

Your strands may need Abyssinian Oil to help hydrate and soften, while your friend’s may need Quinoa to help prevent color fade. That’s why your Conditioner is designed with ingredients that meet your hair’s needs. Here are a few you may find in yours:

Your Conditioner formula is designed for your hair needs. Here are a few ingredients you may find in yours:

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract

    Soothes the scalp and helps to gently remove impurities.

  • Sacha Inchi Oil

    Seals in hydration, smooths frizz and flyaways, and boosts shine.

  • Jojoba Oil

    Boosts moisture, enhances shine, and offers a tangle-free finish.

  • Argan Oil

    Ultra-rich in antioxidants that boost hydration and add shine.

  • Abyssinian Oil

    Effortlessly soaks into the hair to enhance hydration, shine, and softness.

  • Chia and Flaxseed Extracts

    Packed with amino acids, this extract can form a flexible shield surrounding the strand to protect it from stress.

  • Caffeine

    Helps to promote soft, shiny strands while soothing the scalp.

  • Celery Seed Extract

    Restores balance to moisture levels and smooths strands.

  • Chia Seed Oil

    Conditions strands, adds shine, builds volume, and shields color from fading.

  • Vitamin E

    Helps to hydrate strands and shield hair color from fading.

  • Hydrolyzed Quinoa

    An antioxidant-rich powerhouse that defends from color fade, adds shine and aids in styling.

  • Baobab Seed Oil

    Nourishes the hair while antioxidants help to combat environmental stress.

  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

    Plant-powered protein that locks in hydration and boosts shine.

  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

    Helps strengthen the hair while adding radiant shine.

  • Hydrolyzed Pea Protein

    Protein rich in amino acids that strengthen while helping to seal in moisture.

  • Vitamin B6

    Helps balance oils and nourishes the skin and hair.


To see the best results from your personalized formula, we recommend you use it every time you use your AURA Shampoo and be consistent. When we create your AURA products, we ensure they’re designed to work together and target your hair’s needs.

No worries. If you’d like to replenish your hair care regularly, then we recommend selecting our Subscribe & Save option. We’ll ship your Ritual on your schedule, exactly when you need it, so you never run out. You can cancel or skip your order at any time in your account. Plus, you’ll receive an additional 15% off.

Our temporary pigments are semi-permanent hair colors. Our pigmented Masque provides an instant color transformation or enhancement, while our pigmented Conditioner helps to maintain your hair color over time. Explore a Fantasy shade, enhance your current hair color with a Classic pigment, or offset unwanted warm tones with a Neutralizer.

We offer three different Neutralizers that you can add to your Conditioner and Masque to help offset unwanted warm tones in your hair color. Simply select the Neutralizer you’d like when you take our Quiz or visit our Neutralizers page to learn more.

Protecting your hair color is a job we take seriously, so you’ll be happy to know that all of our Conditioners are safe for your color. No matter the focus of your personalized formula, your hair color is protected. If you’re looking for advanced color protection, be sure to select this as a goal when you take our Quiz.

Explore endless possibilities

Complete your Ritual with our full line of personalized hair care products.

Aura personalized shampoo
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Aura personalized mask
Rejuvenating Hair Treatment


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