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Personalized Shampoo

A gentle, color-safe cleanser that is individually formulated to meet your hair goals. Whether your hair needs hydration, you’re dealing with frizz, or anything in between, we’ll create a personalized Shampoo to transform your look with each wash.

Our Shampoo is a shower essential, designed to give your hair all the benefits you want in one curated formula that evolves with you.

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  • Vegan formulas

  • Paraben-, SLS-, and SLES-free

  • Packaging made with recycled materials

  • Cruelty-free products and practice

Your Shampoo's elements

We use your Quiz answers to create a formula designed to meet your hair’s needs. Every Shampoo includes two key elements:

  • Customer center to view personalized shampoo, conditioner, or mask

    Your Center

    A formula base created with a unique ingredient profile for your hair’s needs

  • Aura allows you to select your personalized aroma

    Your Aroma

    An optional scent to inspire your day or recreate a memory

Our transformative Shampoo ingredients

Your scalp may need nourishing Tea Tree Oil, while your friend’s curls may need hydrating Argan Oil. That’s why your Shampoo is designed with curated ingredients that meet your hair’s needs. Here are a few you may find in yours:

Your Shampoo formula is designed for your hair needs. Here are a few ingredients you may find in yours:

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Cares for the scalp and adheres moisture to hair follicles.

  • Panthenol

    Conditions and smooths while helping to protect strands from environmental stress.

  • Murumuru Butter

    Helps to condition and nourish strands while adding shine.

  • Caffeine

    Helps to promote soft, shiny strands while soothing the scalp.

  • Chia Seed Oil

    Conditions strands, adds shine, builds volume, and shields color from fading.

  • Rice Bran Oil

    Helps to prevent breakage, boosts strength, and locks in intense moisture.

  • Coconut Oil

    Nourishes and conditions curls while extending color longevity.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Moisturize strands and gently nourish the scalp with this versatile essential oil.

  • Ethylhexyl Olivate

    Naturally derived from Olive Oil and leaves hair with a soft finish.

  • Squalane

    Plant-derived and helps to replenish strands and prevent further breakage.

  • Smoothing Silicones

    This blend of ingredients binds to the weaker parts of your hair to provide lightweight moisture, shine and improved manageability.


Here at AURA, we offer purple Conditioners and Masques. Why? Shampoos cleanse and open the hair’s cuticle, while Conditioners and Masques nourish and are better suited to deposit pigment on clean hair. When taking our Quiz, be sure to let us know you’d like to add a neutralizing pigment to offset unwanted warm tones, and we’ll add it to your formula.

Yes. Your Shampoo is personalized to you and your curls, from wavy to tight. Tell us about your curls in our Quiz, and we’ll ensure your formula meets the unique needs of your curls.

You can use your AURA Shampoo alone, however, your best results will come from using an AURA Conditioner and Masque in tandem. When we create your AURA products, we ensure they’re designed to work together and target your hair’s needs.

Protecting your hair color is a job we take seriously, so you’ll be happy to know that all of our Shampoos are safe for your color. No matter the focus of your personalized formula, your hair color is protected. If you’re looking for advanced color protection, be sure to select this as a goal when you take our Quiz.

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