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You can use your AURA Shampoo alone, however, your best results will come from consistently using complementing hair care formulas. When we create your AURA products, we ensure they’re designed to work together and target your hair’s needs and goals.

Here at AURA, we offer purple Conditioners and Masques. Why? Shampoos cleanse and open the hair’s cuticle, while Conditioners and Masques nourish and are better suited to deposit pigment on clean hair. When taking our Hair Care Quiz, be sure to let us know you’d like to add a neutralizing pigment to offset unwanted warm tones, and we’ll add it to your formula.

All AURA products are vegan, free of parabens, SLS and SLES (two types of sulfates), as we believe all hair care should have these qualities. Read Our Story to learn more about our brand, products, and practices.

This is because our Shampoo formulas are made free of SLS and SLES (two types of Sulfates). Sulfate alternatives tend to produce fewer suds, so they’re gentler on your strands than sudsy Sulfates. It’s important to know that seeing fewer suds doesn’t mean your hair isn’t getting clean.

Yes. Your AURA Shampoo is personalized to you and your curls from wavy to coily hair. Tell us about your curls in our Quiz, and we’ll ensure your formula meets the unique needs of your curls.

AURA Shampoos are focused on cleansing, while our pigmented Conditioners and Masques are designed to add temporary color or neutralize unwanted tones. Each of our products focuses deeply on its intended goal, so our customers achieve the best results.

Protecting your hair color is a job we take seriously, so you’ll be happy to know that all of our Shampoos are safe for your color. No matter the focus of your personalized formula, your hair color is protected. If you’re looking for advanced color protection, be sure to select this as a goal when you take our Quiz.

Yes, we offer a fragrance-free option for all of our products. As you go through our Quiz, simply select the fragrance-free option when choosing your aroma.

Our Scalp Care hair goal is not intended to reduce dandruff or treat any chronic scalp conditions. Instead, it is designed to help maintain a healthy scalp by nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The Tea Tree Oil included in the Scalp Care hair goal acts as an antiseptic and the Caffeine increases blood circulation which leads to a healthier scalp.

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