For Dark Brunette to Black Hair

8 fl oz | $28.00

Achieve your ideal brunette to black hair shade with our Personalized Neutralizing Masque that’s formulated based on your exact hair goals and needs. This green formula will neutralize red and orange tones, giving your brunette to black hair an overall cool tone.

Neutralizes in 10 min.
Tones with each use
Personalized for your hair
  • Vegan formulas
  • Paraben-, SLS-, and SLES-free
    Paraben, SLS, and SLES free
  • 100% PCR bottles and jars
    100% PCR bottles & jars
  • Cruelty free

Your Red and Orange Tones Neutralized

Enriched with green pigment to neutralize red and orange tones, this formula offsets warm tones in brunette to black hair for an overall cool tone. This can also be used to tone highlights.


Enriched with green pigment to neutralize red and orange tones, this formula offsets warm tones in brunette to black hair for an overall cool tone. This can also be used to tone highlights.

Integrated neutralizers

Our Neutralizer for Dark Brunette to Black Hair is only one of our three Neutralizer options. Explore our two other neutralizer options below.

Blonde before/after
Blonde Neutralizer
Neutralizer for
Blonde, Gray, and White hair

Enriched with purple pigment to neutralize brassy tones, this formula offsets warm tones in blonde, gray, and white hair for an overall cool tone. This can also be used to tone highlights.

Dark blonde before/after
Soft Red Neutralizer
Neutralizer for
Brunette hair

Infused with a blue pigment to neutralize brassy tones in light to medium brunette hair for an overall cool tone. We don’t recommend this shade for highlighted hair.

Neutralize and let fade
Use just a pigmented Masque
  • Neutralizes hair in 10 minutes
  • Double the pigment load of pigmented Conditioners
  • Tone will evolve with each wash
Neutralize and maintain
Use a pigmented Masque first, then a pigmented Conditioner
  • Masque first to offset brass
  • Use pigmented Conditioner each wash, to maintain your Masque color
  • Conditioner has half the pigment load of a pigmented Masque
  • Conditioner may not transform unwanted brass when used without Masque
How to use your pigmented Masque
  1. Before applying, section your hair as shown here.
  2. Wearing included gloves, apply Masque, combing through for even coverage.
    • For rich color results: apply on clean dry hair.
    • For softer results: apply on towel-dried hair.
  3. Let sit for up to 10 minutes.
  4. Work Masque into a lather and rinse.
  5. Style as you normally would.
  6. Use your Masque again when you need to tone brassy strands or give your hair extra nourishment

Neutralizer for Dark Brunette
and Black Hair FAQs

Neutralizers are pigments added to your hair care products to help counteract unwanted tones. You’ll notice that green and red are opposite each other on the color wheel. This means that when combined, they cancel each other out. For example, if you’re a brunette trying to reduce red tones, you’d select a green neutralizing pigment.

Color Wheel

Shampoo focuses on cleaning the hair and removing product build-up, which can get in the way of an even color result. Neutralizing Conditioners and Masques are better suited to deposit pigment since they’re applied to clean hair.

Here at AURA our pigmented Masques contain double the pigment of our pigmented Conditioners to offer an instant color transformation after one use. Our pigmented Conditioners are meant for maintenance rather than full transformation.

We are the first and only personalized hair care brand to offer temporary pigments. Unlike many pre-mixed products, our hair care products are made to order and are carefully formulated for your hair type and goals. The option to add pigment to your personalized care is completely unique to AURA.

Think red, orange, and golden tones in your natural or dyed hair color. Warm tones result from overprocessing hair, showering in hard water, exposure to the sun and chlorine, and hair color fading over time.

Our Neutralizing pigments are semi-permanent, so you shouldn’t see any permanent staining. Any light stains should easily wash out of fabrics and wipe away from surfaces with a household cleanser.




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